Minecraft Server List

Looking to play Minecraft online? Find Minecraft servers with our Minecraft server list. All the servers on our list are categorized by gamemodes and we also provide detailed information on each server.

What are the best Minecraft servers?

Minecraft servers make the world go round, or at least that can be said for Minecraft worlds. By now most if not every gamer at least heard of Minecraft, but the beauty of it is that after all those years Minecraft is still a fun, engaging, and even competitive game, loved by many Minecrafters around the world. Minecraft servers are probably the best evidence of this and they keep prospering and evolving along with the players. For many Minecraft servers are the architectural artist’s paradise, for others sort of online electronic legos, a great creative outlet for all the players who enjoy building and creating just about anything. While Minecraft on its own already works as a standalone server, online Minecraft servers allow players to team up, create groups, participate in fun projects and even organize their own contests and the interesting part is, they can do all that without knowing a single line of code.

Every Minecraft server has its own self-contained Multiplayer world and different Minecraft servers tend to set their own rules, game modes, gameplay styles, and communities. Not every Minecraft server is appropriate for every player but luckily there are enough servers out there for everyone to find their favorite. Depending on what kind of gameplay and game modes you prefer it's essential to choose the right server for it, for example, you don't want to build a beautiful village on the Factions server, just to find out later on it got raided. It's probably also not a good idea to try to play Skyblock on the Creative server and so on. But maybe you're not sure? If that's the case it's probably best to check out a few servers before committing to one.

How to join a Minecraft server?

To join a Minecraft server you find have to pick one and copy its address or hostname, sometimes called just IP. After that you fire up Minecraft and click on "Multiplayer" button, then click on "Add a server" and paste or type in the server address. Optionally you can also set a custom server name if you're playing on multiple Minecraft servers. After that just click "Done" and head back to your server list which will now contain the newly added server along with all the servers that were there before. Now you're ready to go, hit the "Join Server" button and there you are, within seconds you will be connected to a new server!

Why can't I join a specific server?

There are many possible reasons for this, but in most cases, you're probably not using the right version. While some Minecraft servers support different versions of Minecraft you still have to use one of those supported versions. If you get "Outdated server" or "Outdated client" error when trying to join a server, just head back to your Minecraft launcher and try to change your Minecraft version so that it will match with the one server is using. If you're getting "Invalid session" error you're probably trying to join Premium Minecraft server with Cracked Minecraft client which unfortunately won't work. If you are using Premium launcher and your session expired, just try closing Minecraft and relaunching it again. The third option, the server you're trying to connect to many simply be offline in which case there's really nothing much you can do but wait, of course, you can use our server list to check the uptime of a specific server, which will help you figure out if the server is actually offline or if it's your internet that is not working properly.

Which are the top Minecraft servers?

As time goes on new servers will always come and old servers will go, server popularity heavily depends on how the server is being run, updated and it could even depend on Youtubers that are promoting the specific server, or just playing there for fun. We list servers ordered by the number of votes they receive, which generally means the most popular servers will always be on top, aside from constantly updating our serverlist, we're also pinging servers and removing offline servers to prevent players from trying to connect to servers that don't exist anymore. Usually, bigger servers tend to stay around longer but there are also plenty of small servers that were around for years, but the most important thing is that you find the best server for you.

Different Minecraft gamemodes

While there are many popular gamemodes like survival, factions, skyblock, creative to name a few there are also a bit more exotic gamemodes like SlimeFun, Skygrid, AcidIsland, and so on. If you're looking for a server just to have fun on you should probably at least try out the top servers on our list. But if you're looking for a specific gamemode you really wanna play, you can find most of them listed as categories. It's worth mentioning some specific gamemodes like Tekkit, Modpack, etc, ... require a specific launcher or client-side mod, which can usually be found on the server's website, also, be sure to check the server version before joining as said before. If a server is running multi-version support, you're probably best off trying to match the native version of a specific server to avoid bugs and glitches, for example, if a server has 1.8 to 1.17 support, but the actual server is running Minecraft 1.8, you will likely have the best experience using Minecraft 1.8 client.

Can I start my own Minecraft server?

To keep singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay constant every Minecraft client already has builtin full server functionality. You can simply turn your singleplayer world into a Minecraft server via in-game menu, but you want to create a big Minecraft server or just use plugins you should probably look into Bukkit or Spigot Minecraft software, which is a bit more efficient and easier to manage. To allow players to connect to your Minecraft world you will hate to configure port forwarding and that's about it. Most of the servers also use the Votifier plugin to track and reward players for voting and you're welcomed to add your new server to our server list.

1068 / 1069
145 / 5000
1062 / 1063
19 / 256
­čîčAdvancius Network­čîč
10 / 100
15 / 1000
2 / 100
3 / 24
MagnaRisa SMP
Caves n Cliffs Survival
0 / 50
Atheria Survival
2462 / 6500
#13 | Veroxus
0 / 250
5 / 25
Arcadia Minecraft
1 / 51
The Grotto
#16 | Inn-Craft
0 / 300
#17 | Pikouchu
3 / 1000
0 / 300
Survive and Thrive
0 / 50
6 / 2021
Kingscraft Network
1 / 64
#22 | Datblock
186 / 187
The Armoury Network
#24 | MelonSMP
129 / 1000
1337 / 2000