ExtremeCraft.Net, Minecraft server
356 / 5000
MC PRISON, Minecraft server
1098 / 1099
UniverseMC, Minecraft server
1215 / 5000
PURPLE PRISON, Minecraft server
1086 / 1087
2 / 300
The Miners, Minecraft server
6 / 50
PixumPVP, Minecraft server
30 / 125
3 / 256
Kingscraft, Minecraft server
1 / 20
2 / 20
PokeBeasts, Minecraft server
7 / 100
The Armoury Network, Minecraft server
3 / 100
TWAWKI B-Team, Minecraft server
lepelcraft anarchy - cracked, Minecraft server
3 / 50
RoyalMC, Minecraft server
6 / 1000
Datblock, Minecraft server
501 / 1000
Arcadia Minecraft, Minecraft server
3 / 25
2 / 200
Badscape 1.16.5, Minecraft server
1 / 100
2 / 70
0 / 120
2 / 100
BattleAsya 1.8-1.14, Minecraft server
129 / 450
TwistedMC Network, Minecraft server
1 / 10000
SleepyMC, Minecraft server
0 / 69

Minecraft servers

Looking to play Minecraft online? Find Minecraft servers with our Minecraft server list. All Minecraft servers on our list are categorized by GameModes and we provide detailed information on each server.

Minecraft was always a great creative outlet for players who like to build and break stuff and they can do all that on Minecraft servers without knowing anything about how Minecraft server actually works.

In Minecraft there are endless possibilities, each Minecraft server is own self-contained multiplayer world, with own map, own plugins, own rules and even own Minecraft community.

How to find the best Minecraft servers?

That depends on what you like, on our Minecraft server list, players can vote for servers that they like, which in a way works like rating system, however not all players like all servers and GameModes.

How to join Minecraft server?

Joining Minecraft servers is as easy as copying server address and hitting Multiplayer button ingame. You can just join specific server but really you should also store it in your client via "Add server" button so you don't lose that server.

When first joining new Minecraft server be sure to look around and check things like server rules, discord and website, because most Minecraft servers are unique, each server has own rules and GameModes and braking those will likely get you banned from a specific Minecraft server.

Looking for a specific GameMode?

On our Minecraft server list all servers are also categorized in specific GameModes, some Minecraft servers also called networks, have multiple GameModes while other servers only have one GameMode, if you're looking for Minecraft server with a specific GameMode be sure to check out categories or use search.