Minecraft Creative Servers List

Creative Minecraft servers allow players to use Creative mode for building, essentially allowing them to build with unlimited resources. Some Creative Minecraft servers even allow players to use WorldEdit.

What to do on Creative Minecraft servers?

Creative servers are great places to build amazing builds that would be in some cases impossible to create on other gamemodes. But with Creative mode and WorldEdit almost anything is possible, you can truly build anything.

Creative worlds? Creative plots?

Most of Creative servers give players so called plots that can be used for building, but there are some servers where players can use Creative mode on open world, but those servers are usually hard to manage.

Fly mode on Creative Servers?

As players on Creative Minecraft servers are usually in Creative mode from the get to, Flying is also enabled, some Creative servers also allow players to switch between modes or force specific gamemode in their plots.

Are Creative servers only for building?

Absolutely not! A lot of players nowadays actually use Creative servers for RolePlaying even tho Creative servers are generally not considered RolePlay servers - but since you already have access to all blocks and you're free to do what you want, why not?

122 / 5000
3 / 25
Arcadia Minecraft
#24 | Pikouchu
4 / 1000
0 / 999
The Madog's
231 / 2000
0 / 100
The Armoury Network
TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.17
#32 | Datblock
273 / 1000
14 / 75
737 / 6500
GuildCraft Network
488 / 5000
UniverseMC | 1.8-1.14.1
Fun.MultyPlay.Ro Official Server
678 / 679
Mineland Network - New: Creative+
★ Treasure Island ★
1092 / 5000
#115 | Trollandia
42 / 1000
6 / 200
McCaverns | Free Fly