Minecraft Factions servers List

You will find factions on almost every Minecraft server, but which factions servers are the best? Check out Minecraft Factions server list to find the best server to play on.

Basic mechanics of Factions servers...

In Minecraft Factions is a team based game, with many different aspects, from claiming, raiding to politics. Players are grouped together in clans, called factions.

Each faction can claim own land, has own money, bases, can declare war and has to fight enemies from other factions.

All factions servers are not the same

Not all factions servers are the same, some servers enforce only PVP and politics, other servers also allow raiding with TNT and such and on some servers it's more or less free for all, you can do just about anything.

Generally all factions servers use the same plugin so if you check server rules and use base command /factions help you should get some idea what kind of server are you on and which extensions are enabled.

How to start playing factions?

On just about every factions server you can start by joining another faction or starting own faction and then have other players join you.

You also have to build and claim your own base and set relations with other factions on that server.

But keep in mind, factions game mode is very competitive and players are usually ruthless, so don't expect handouts of any kind and don't trust anyone.

114 / 5000
20 / 1
TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.17
0 / 32
40 / 5000
#61 | Cherry MC
0 / 200
#111 | Modesty
#112 | Trollandia
10 / 1000
Champions of Equestria
0 / 1000
PrendeGames - Java
0 / 50
1 / 60
0 / 0
#193 | WaterCraft
0 / 0
[ARPG] Sword Craft online
#216 | MysticMC
0 / 0