VentureLand, Minecraft server
31 / 32
296 / 297
4 / 1881
1935 / 1936
PikaNetwork, Minecraft server
1122 / 6500
Venture Vanilla, Minecraft server
180 / 750
★ Desteria #1 Factions server since #1988 ★, Minecraft server
0 / 1
Minecraft Server for Cool People, Minecraft server
229 / -1
The Mining Dead - (The Walking Dead), Minecraft server
201 / 1000
PixelZone, Minecraft server
DominationMC, Minecraft server
Hypixel Network, Minecraft server
99449 / 200000
0 / 0
Vanguard, Minecraft server
0 / 16
0 / 500

Minecraft Hardcore Servers

On Minecraft Hardcore servers you're playing in Hardcore mode, but unlike in single players where the game would end, on Hardcore servers you would get banned or temporary banned from the server after dying.

Bans and temporary bans on Hardcore Minecraft servers

Depending on gamemode and server, you get banned or deathbanned. Some servers would ban players until server has had full reset while others would deathban player for anywhere between 1 hour and a few days.

Stakes are higher on Hardcore servers

Because of bans and deathbans stakes are higher on Hardcore Minecraft servers, which is why most of players are super cautious and always geared up, ready for fight.

Hardcore servers usually allow both stealing and griefing and generally don't have many rules, but be sure to check them out before doing something that could get you banned.