Advancius Network, Minecraft server
9 / 80, Minecraft server
7956 / 12000
2 / 100
Minecraft Central, Minecraft server
1864 / 10000
1527 / 1528
195 / 1500
2096 / 20000
BeanzPVP, Minecraft server
UnioCraft, Minecraft server
Hypixel Network, Minecraft server
99367 / 200000
SleepyMC, Minecraft server
0 / 20
MunchyMC, Minecraft server
287 / 10000
Dark Nation, Minecraft server
0 / 100
Encocraft, Minecraft server
Aminear, Minecraft server
mcFFA - Custom Free-For-All Kit PvP!, Minecraft server
0 / 9001

Minecraft Hunger Games Servers

Minecraft Hunger Games Servers are based on movie with the same title, the players would spawn in arena and would then have to fight with each other.

The main goal is to survive until there is one man standing, which can be hard since everyone starts with kits, which contain food, weapons, potions and other items.

Minecraft Hunger Games Servers maps and features

Most of Hunger Games Servers would usually have own maps and features based on Hunger Games plugin they're using.

Such servers would also implement rescue packs, chests with starting gear and in some cases even custom skills and upgradable items.