Minecraft Lucky Block servers List

Find Minecraft servers with Lucky block plugin. Lucky block Minecraft servers can include just about any gamemode from classic gamemodes to vanilla gamemodes, but with added Lucky block plugin.

Lucky block servers?

Lucky block Minecraft servers add special blocks to Minecraft server, called Lucky block. Usually Lucky block is sponge and on some servers it has special effects, like particles.

How to get Lucky blocks?

On Lucky block servers, Lucky blocks can be obtained by different means, on some servers Lucky blocks are randomly placed on map or generated when player would visit area, some Lucky block servers allow crafting Lucky blocks and some every allow buying them via ingame shop.

Always Lucky?

Lucky blocks are not always lucky, some servers would show players stats like percentage of luck while on others you simply have to break Lucky block to see what you get.

But beware some Lucky block servers also have so called Unlucky blocks that could have negative effects or even harm player.

882 / 1000
56 / 5000
0 / 100
#78 | BlocksMC
4294 / 10000
★ Treasure Island ★
#112 | Trollandia
28 / 1000
Vortex Prison
882 / 1000
11 / 200
VexedMC - A Unique OP-Prison Experience
PokeMayhem Pixelmon Server
0 / 300
#551 | ByteMc
#559 | ExtremeMC
64 / 5000
#585 | FearGames
153 / 4000