Minecraft Modpack servers

List of Minecraft Modpack servers, if you're looking to expand your gameplay beyond Vanilla Minecraft then Modpack servers are perfect way to do it.

Minecraft Modpack servers?

Minecraft Modpack servers use Modpacks to add new features to Minecraft, things that would not be possible with Vanilla Minecraft client and servers.

In order to join Modpack servers you also need Modpack installed on your computer, whenever that Modpack is Forge mod or client of its own.

Most popular Modpacks?

Some of most popular Minecraft Modpacks used by Minecraft servers are Forge, ATLauncher Modpacks, FTB Modpacks, Technic Modpacks and Curse Modpacks.

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#305 | Mystical Reign

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Mystical Reign

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翠鸟计划 Project Halcyon

#449 | Mankind Last Stand

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Mankind Last Stand

#513 | PokeBeasts