Are you interested in playing online games? Discover a wide selection of private servers for popular games such as Minecraft, WoW, RuneScape, and more on ServerList101. Our platform features both public and private servers, and if you happen to be a server operator, you can easily add your server to the list. To ensure transparency and fairness, all servers are ranked based on the number of votes they receive each month, and we even support Votifier integration. Join our community and find the perfect server for your gaming experience.

What is a server list?

A server list serves as a vital connection point between players and servers. It functions as a website where server operators can showcase their servers, while players can discover exciting new servers to join. Gone are the days of dull and inactive servers! Our platform is dedicated to helping players find the finest servers by actively pinging and monitoring each one. Server operators have the opportunity to provide comprehensive details and an overview of their servers, including game modes, trailers, and other relevant information. Say goodbye to boredom and explore a world of vibrant and engaging gaming experiences through our server list.

Voting and rewards

In addition to uptime and general overviews, we understand that sometimes more information is needed. That's why we've introduced a voting system that allows you to vote for your favorite server on a daily basis. Through this system, players can provide valuable feedback on the servers they actively enjoy playing on. Furthermore, if a server has the Votifier plugin, the votes will be sent back to the server, enabling players to claim exciting in-game rewards. We value your input and strive to enhance your gaming experience by encouraging active participation and rewarding your loyalty.