1073 / 3000
270 / 1000
Pixelmon Unlinked, Minecraft server
5 / 80
PokeVoyage, Minecraft server
271 / 1000
72 / 100
PokeDash, Minecraft server
256 / 1000
PixelmonHollows Network, Minecraft server
JourneyGaming, Minecraft server
89 / 2020

Minecraft Pixelspark Servers

List of Minecraft Pixelspark Servers, if you're looking for Pixelspark servers or servers like Pixelmon you should check it out.

What is Pixelspark?

Minecraft Pixelspark Servers are similar to Pixelmon servers but would add even more mods and Pokemons to Minecraft.

Since Pixelspark is modpack you will also have to install Pixelspark client or modpack in order to joing Pixelspark servers, as of now it's recommended to use Technic Pixelspark modpack.