Minecraft Tekkit Servers

Looking to play Tekkit? Check out Minecraft Tekkit server list, we list all popular Tekkit Minecraft servers.

What are Tekkit Minecraft servers?

Tekkit is modpack for Minecraft servers, which includes IndustrialCraft, Computer Craft, Railcraft, RedPower, BuildCraft and some others. Different Tekkit Minecraft servers of course have different Tekkit mods.

Client for Tekkit Minecraft servers?

Since Tekkit is modpack you need Tekkit Client mod in order to join Minecraft Tekkit servers. Once you've installed Tekkit mod you will be able to join Tekkit servers.

Tekkit is more than server plugin...

The main purpose of Tekkit modpack is to create massive factories and as much as you can and as much as you can automate of course with mods like buildcraft, Minefactory reloaded, qCraft, Big Reactors, Galacticraft and Computercraft.

Tekkit servers are easy to automate and is a very fun play on, you could just sit and watch your factory do its job and create stacks and stacks of diamonds for you to play with on Tekkit server.

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