Minecraft Prison servers List

Browse Minecraft Prison servers and find yourself the best Prison server to play on. Prison servers are usually very different from Survival and Factions servers as there's no wilderness.

What is a Prison server?

Since there is no wilderness or freeplay on Prison servers, at least at the beginning that is, players usually start in Mines and have to mine or earn their way to next Mine in prison. After leaving last Mine there's usually a plot world or survival-like world, but that's not always the case on every Prison server.

Mining and PVP on Prison servers

Minecraft Prison servers are first and foremost about mining, players can not rankup and get to next Prison rank without Mining. With that being said PVP is also a huge part of gameplay, some Prison servers have PVP area and events, but overall the main goal is to get as much resources as possible, whenever you get them from mining or other Prison players.

When you first join Prison server you start with lowest rank and just basic tools, you then have to work or mine your way to become more powerful and get access to better Mines. Prison Mines on most servers are limited by ranks, meaning you can not access Prison Mine higher than your rank.

OP Prison servers?

Just like on Prison servers on OP Prison servers you also have to mine your way out of Prison. The main difference between Prison and OP Prison servers is usually the speed at which the player can progress since everything usually goes a lot faster on OP Prison servers.

187 / 5000
🌟Advancius Network🌟
1158 / 1159
1110 / 1111
#12 | PixumPVP
1 / 120
1115 / 2000
#35 | CavePvP
Mineland Network - New: Creative+
#53 | BlocksMC
4765 / 10000
2839 / 6500
2124 / 12000
112 / 5000
1140 / 1141
1 / 200
★ Treasure Island ★
960 / 5000
0 / 100
1229 / 10000
Minecraft Central
8 / 200
McCaverns | Free Fly
Vortex Prison
0 / 1000
SoulPlex Network
1140 / 1141
#145 | Manacube
1150 / 5000
#149 | Snapcraft
342 / 1750