Multi Theft Auto Server List

Multi Theft Auto servers are essentially GTA San Andreas Online servers. We list private San Andreas Online servers with their statistics and information.

How to play San Andreas Online?

In order to be able to join and play San Andreas online on Multi Theft Auto servers you need GTASA mod, which can be downloaded and installed for free, after that you will be able to join all Multi Theft Auto servers.

What is San Andreas Online

San Andreas Online is basically the same as GTA San Andreas but the players are all on the same map and can interact with each other. Some San Andreas Online servers also added specific game modes and modifications that make playing totally different experience.

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40 / 600

#2 | GTA Battlegrounds

17 / 1000
GTA Battlegrounds

#3 | CIT Cops 'n' Rob...

117 / 2000
CIT Cops 'n' Robbers

#4 | MTA Province-RP #1

380 / 815
MTA Province-RP #1
GTA Roleplaying [RP] 2021
Multi Theft Auto Survival [Roblox Mod]
Middle East Network Roleplay • شبكة الشرق الأوسط للحياة الواقعية
Favela Roleplay | Yazılı Türk Konsept | v1