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VersionWoW 1.12
Game Rank#13
Global Rank#431
CountrySwitzerland Servers Switzerland


Welcome to VanillaGaming, the ultimate private World of Warcraft server that takes you back to the golden era of Azeroth! Immerse yourself in a Blizzlike experience where nostalgia meets quality gameplay.

With 24/7 uptime, you can embark on your adventures at any time, knowing that the server is always ready to welcome you. Our dedicated team ensures a lag-free environment, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of Warcraft.

Experience the game as it was intended with a 1-15x XP rate that can be adjusted to your liking using an in-game command. Whether you prefer a more challenging journey or a faster-paced leveling experience, the choice is yours.

Immerse yourself in meticulously scripted instances that capture the essence of the original game. From the depths of Blackrock Depths to the mystic halls of Stratholme, every dungeon is brought to life with attention to detail and authenticity.

Engage in epic outdoor PvP battles as you roam the vast landscapes of Azeroth. Claim your territory, engage in thrilling skirmishes, and assert your dominance over the opposing faction. The world is your battleground!

Experience smooth and realistic creature and pet movement with our working pathfinding system. Watch as creatures navigate their surroundings with precision, creating a truly immersive and dynamic world.

Participate in exciting events that bring the community together. From holiday celebrations to world boss encounters, there's always something happening on VanillaGaming.

Engage in thrilling battleground matches, where skill and strategy determine victory. Join forces with allies and clash with foes in iconic battlegrounds such as Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley. The battlefield awaits your command!

Venture into the depths of Naxxramas, a fully scripted raid that challenges even the most seasoned adventurers. Experience the pinnacle of raiding content with all encounters faithfully recreated to provide an unforgettable experience.

Behind VanillaGaming is a team of dedicated and professional developers who strive to deliver an authentic and polished gameplay experience. With their expertise, you can expect regular updates and improvements to ensure the highest level of quality.

Are you ready to relive the glory days of World of Warcraft? Join VanillaGaming today and embark on an unforgettable journey through the realms of Azeroth.

What WoW game version does VanillaGaming server support?

VanillaGaming supports WoW version 1.12.

Keep in mind that many WoW servers might allow players to use older or newer versions, so we invite you to check on their Discord server or Website for more information on version compatibility.