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VersionWoW Other
Game Rank#13
Global Rank#419
CountryUnited Kingdom Servers United Kingdom

Welcome to, the ultimate private World of Warcraft server that offers an unrivaled gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the epic worlds of Legion and Mists of Pandaria, where adventure awaits at every turn.

In the Legion expansion, embark on your Full Class Campaign, delving deep into the rich lore and immersing yourself in captivating storylines that will shape your character's destiny. Become a Legion Loremaster as you conquer quests from all corners of the world, uncovering hidden secrets and earning prestigious achievements.

Engage in thrilling World and Emissary Quests that will test your skills and reward you with valuable loot and reputation. Dive into the heart of Artifact quests, acquiring legendary weapons and unlocking their true potential through the Artifact Knowledge system.

Challenge yourself with Mythic+ dungeons, where the difficulty scales infinitely, offering endless challenges and opportunities for glory. Experience the excitement of World Legendaries dropping, granting you powerful and unique abilities to aid you in your battles.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Bonus Events, where additional challenges and rewards await. Unite with fellow players in Class Halls, forging alliances and unlocking powerful abilities unique to your class.

Explore the vast landscapes of Mists of Pandaria and experience a wide range of content, including LFR (Looking for Raid) and Flex modes, offering flexible raiding experiences tailored to your group's size and skill level. Take advantage of Bonus and Personal Rolls to enhance your chances of acquiring coveted loot.

At, the adventures never end. Complete the Loremaster achievement by conquering quests across multiple expansions. Engage in thrilling Pet Battles, test your mettle against formidable bosses, and stay on top of your game with boss timers.

Join us now and embark on a journey through immersive storylines, challenging dungeons, and engaging content. Discover a server where the worlds of Legion and Mists of Pandaria come alive, offering an unparalleled gaming experience for every World of Warcraft enthusiast. Are you ready to write your own legend? Join and let the adventure begin!

What WoW game version does server support? supports WoW version Other.

Keep in mind that many WoW servers might allow players to use older or newer versions, so we invite you to check on their Discord server or Website for more information on version compatibility.