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VersionMinecraft 1.17
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CountryUnited States United States
TagsEconomy, Jobs, McMMO, PvE, Survival
Blood of Heroes

Blood of Heroes ★ Tech Factories ★ Space Travel ★ Slimefun ★ McMMO ★ Jobs ★ RANKS ★ RPG Loot ★ Shop ★ Auction House


This is probably the best Technology Advancement, Space Travel and DIABLO Style Collection of PVE/PVP servers you have ever stumbled upon where the adventure and creativity never end. Join Us!


- SLIMEFUN Factory crafting system on top of Minecraft to give you up to additional 9,000 Technology based items in a MOD pack style without needing mods with All Supported Add-ons. Just login and play.

- GalactiFun: Space travel to the Moon, Solar System Planets and beyond using this epic Slimefun Addon.

- Common to Legendary Gear Drops with socketed items just like in Diablo game play.

- MCMMO enabled: gain skill levels up to 2000 per skill with difficulty curve leveling.

- Join 3 Jobs at once and do daily jobs quests to earn server money for trading.

- Enjoy the in-game SHOP and Auction House to purchase special player made or found mythic loot.

- Secure Trade plugin /trade with player based Economy.

- Grief-Prevention based land management in the Overworld.

- PVE only in Overworld and PVP in all the other worlds including Moon and Planets.

- Live Map of the world on website to see everyone's cool builds and useful for hunting others down.