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Arcadia | 1.16.3 | McMMO | Player Shops | Player Warps | Automatic Crafting | Rank System | Recruiting for Staff!

What is Arcadia about?

Arcadia is a SMP server that prides itself in its excellent community. We are heavily economically driven, using in game currency to purchase from our Auction House, the server shop, or ranking up.
We offer 12 rank ups, and each of them will give you Crate keys and mcMMO credits to redeem.

Arcadia is getting ready to release our Jobs Update! With some heavy customization and balanced, Jobs will feel more fun to use overall with 4 tiers of Quests for each job - Easy, Moderate, Hard, and Insane! With this update comes some awesome features - A Player Market inside of spawn, the ability to set up your own shops, along with some balancing to the server itself. Come see it for yourself!


Homophobia, racism, and sexism is not tolerated. Tasteless jokes have no place here.

Any clients that provide an unfair advantage (e.g. clients specializing in cheating) will be permanently banned.

Do not use exploits or glitches.

Do not claim another person's land without their consent.

I believe in a strike system, and with the exception being the top two rules, permanent bans are not given out lightly. You must be a repeat offender to meet that kind of consequence.

PVP is allowed as long as both parties agree to it.

Major Plugins:




Jobs Reborn




RewardPro (for daily rewards on login)



Arcadia has many features that involve your daily activity to receive. We have Daily Rewards which you can claim after 15 minutes of being online a day, along with Daily Quests that will give you a monetary reward as well as a Quest Crate key with a chance for some even cooler rewards. You will also receive money every 10 minutes just for being online, with a random chance for $100 to $1000!

Our economy is fairly player driven, with an admin shop that is set to selling for very cheap, and buying at extremely pricey costs. If you were looking for a challenge, it is here! With our automatic crafting system, you can maximize the admin shop to its fullest potential.

We are also looking for staff! If you're interested, please stop on the server and introduce yourself to me. My IGN is Roran2. The following positions are looking to be filled;

Plugin Configurator (1-2)
Community Managers (2)
Admin (1)
Moderator (3-5)
Jr. Moderator (3-5)

Check out our website here:

Join our discord for weekly giveaways and monthly contests!

Our server address for those interested!

We desire contributing community members who desire to be active on the server and the discord!

Thank you for your interest, and I hope to see you on!