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TagsCreative, Economy, Jobs, McMMO, Survival, Towny, Vanilla

Mountain Pass

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Quick Info:
- Survival - Non-PVP Towny w/ McMMO
- Creative World - Extra large plots for your immagination!
- Earn money doing Jobs! Player-run economy with player malls!
- Super friendly community!
- We're owned and operated by adults, with adult staff.
- 24/7 Uptime. Running on high-end hardware. Lag free!

Mountain Pass is a beautiful builder-community-based server dedicated to giving you the best Minecraft experience. Whether you are looking to build a city with others in Survival, make awesome projects in the Creative world, or to just make new friends in an awesome community, you'll find something to do in Mountain Pass.

Mountain Pass has a deep history dating back to late-2012.

Eight years ago, the original idea of Mountain Pass was to be a Minecraft Towny Server without any real goal besides to have fun and maybe make some new friends. The server was opened on January 1st, 2013 (Minecraft version 1.4) and was open for four years. In the beginning, we had no clue that it it would eventually blossom into such an amazing community of wonderful people.

With community-driven contests and events such as a Windmill Competition in the middle of March 2013, the Great Ore Tree Hunt on May 1st 2013, a community Ender Dragon fight in the same month and in June the creation of a new spawn, the server was on a very good path for the future for the rest of 2013. Between Febuary to July of 2014 we worked on a new city named Redshire, but it all got cut short on October 24, 2014 when the server was retired due to a high lack in motivation, and an increasing decline in server popularity.

However in September of 2015 there was a teaser posted on the forum of an amazing new spawn. The Return of Mountain Pass happened on October 17th, 2015 featuring brand new custom economy shops, infinitely generated custom terrain and the same amazing community. Although the hype seemed to match expectations, Minecraft was declining in popularity. The daily connected players never seemed to be what it was before and the server eventually dropped into a state of hibernation, eventually going offline after Halloween in 2017.

Now three years later with the start of a new year comes a new spark of intuition and motivation to revive the server, which has brought a lot of previous members together for the rebirth of Mountain Pass. After many long days of plugin configuration, revamping & remodeling old buildings from Redshire, and installing premium plugins, Mountain pass is back. We are a server which has been through a lot over time, and we all have grown up significantly in the past eight years. We're happy you've found us!