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Game Rank291
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CountryUnited States of America United States of America
TagsEconomy, McMMO, PvE, Survival, Vanilla

Orbonix Survival

Orbonix Minecraft SMP is a NEW server with a tight-knit community that offers a plethora of unique plugins that will make your experience on the server something new. Featuring plugins like mcMMO, EpicSpawners, EpicFurnaces, BeehivesPro, and many more. We put a lot of work into bringing you a truly unique survival experience. We don't bombard you with thousands of text, commands, rules or require you to click anything apoun joining. After viewing a short little welcome message all you need to do is spawn in and run to the portal to begin!

Some Features:
-BetterRTP: Start off your adventure right by randomly teleporting into the world! Walking out thousands of blocks just to find somewhere decent to live is now a thing of the past.
-UltimateTimber: No more floating trees with this plugin! Chop a tree using an axe and watch it fall!
-Autoranker: Unlock more commands and abilities based on your progression and playtime.
-EpicSpawners: Stack up to x16 mob spawners into one block to make the mob grinder of your dreams.
-EpicFurnaces: Upgrade your furnaces and boost them for better productivity and faster speed.
-BeehivesPro: With BeehivesPro, the new 1.15 Bees are a lot less boring and a lot more useful.
-SchemBucket: Buy schematic blueprints using in-game currency that you can place inside your claim and watch structures get built block-by-block automatically!
-GriefPrevention: Fully take control and protect your property from griefers and grant your friends individual permissions for your claim. Become a mayor and start your own town by subdividing claims!
-UltimateKits: We offer a range of kits depending on your rank and other helpful tools by default to help aid you on your adventure.

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