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Players0 / 8
VersionMinecraft 1.14
Game Rank#239
Global Rank#304
Last Ping8 minutes ago
CountryUnited States of America United States of America
TagsAnarchy, Factions, PvE, PvP, Survival, Vanilla

Kallisti's Krafthaus

A server that tries to stay as vanilla as possible while still giving you a few key elements that make your minecraft life a bit more convenient. This server is focused on builds, exploration, community involvement and overall aesthetic.
Try to survive and roam the wilderness, create a village, and work with other villages to improve your lifestyle and explore! Friendly, potentially hostile, and watch for traps! There is an economy, and protect your builds with Factions. Server is definitely made for exploration and travelling great distances using conventional methods.
/tpa is disabled. you are with your people, and you must travel with them. There is /home and /f home. You must roam the land to come across anything.
A laid back server where you can play minecraft with your friends, anarchy/nations decide what's right or wrong, with an overseeing rule upon the world. Griefing with no purpose is highly frowned upon and may result in a ban depending on significance. Raiding a town can be done with precision and not laggy destruction. Blatant defacing of the land is intolerable. Griefers get sent to Gulag. No Trial.
Pretty much your single player minecraft experience but with other people being able to stumble across your land, and being able to warp to your bed. Think badlands, with nations scattered around.
Server is not fully developed, help us become an active community! Server Address: Preferably 16+, yes we have a discord if you would like to join!
-If you have any questions or otherwise, PM me!