Published on June 24, 2020 in Minecraft servers

Minecraft 1.16.1 is a hotfix update for Minecraft Java Edition that was released on June 24, 2020. Minecraft 1.16.1 update fixes some stability and connectivity issues people were experiencing with Realms.

It is worth to mention that Minecraft 1.16.1 is not compatible with 1.16 servers, however server side compatibility can be achieved with plugins such as ViaVersion.

The following bugs were fixed in Minecraft 1.16.1:
MC-110792 – Slime blocks no longer launch arrows.
MC-135831 – Low gravity bug at world height.
MC-146743 – Mainhand third person animations incorrect while loaded crossbow in offhand.
MC-153750 – Gravity decreases at y=256 when the player hops into water at y=255.
MC-186546 – Endermen that have been turned hostile by other means than looking at them will turn neutral when looked at.
MC-191138 – Crash when clicking on realms info.

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