Minecraft PE Factions servers

List of Minecraft PE Factions servers, if you enjoyed classic Minecraft Factions then you will probably find MCPE Factions interesting.

Factions on Minecraft PE?

Playing MCPE Factions servers is a bit different from classic Factions but the main goal is the same. After joining Minecraft PE Factions server you can make your own Faction or try to join another Faction.

Raiding is also part of many MCPE Factions servers, usually that's done with TNT and creepers and players tend to counter that by building bases or Vaults to protect their belongings.

­čîčAdvancius Network­čîč

#4 | OwnagePE

17 / 500

#8 | Gamers Playground

1 / 1000
Gamers Playground

#17 | EternalFactions

52 / 450
TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.18

#25 | FallenTech PE

46 / 875
FallenTech PE

#29 | AgentCraft Factions

0 / 200
AgentCraft Factions
ACcraft Games NetWork